Pharma traceability lumbers along

The modernization of the US drug supply chain is now halfway through the timeline set by the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA): it’s been five years since the law was passed, and in five years (if all goes according […]

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The Hub Services Wheel keeps Rolling Along

The year 2017 was another one with more launches of specialty pharmaceuticals than conventional mass-market ones, continuing the shift of the branded pharma industry into the branded specialty pharma one. This shift has been generating more and more business for […]

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2017 Hub Services report

Nature, as we’re told, abhors a vacuum. In the past, as new specialty pharmaceutical products came onto the market, a vacuum of sorts developed as healthcare providers (HCPs), pharmacists and the drugmakers themselves realized that the new drugs needed additional […]

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Healthcare confronts opioid addiction

The slim hope that the growing opioid addiction crisis could be controlled by restricting access to prescription opioids—the abuse of which has been the starting point for many addicts—is slipping away as illegally manufactured opioid pills (some of them counterfeit […]

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Pharma seeks growth in eyecare

Relative to other disease states, like cancer, diabetes or cardiovascular, ophthalmology is both smaller and less contentious. A relatively small number of pharma companies have significant franchises in it, namely, Allergan, Alcon (a subsidiary of Novartis) and Bausch + Lomb […]

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Advancing the biopharma cold chain

With apologies to Rodgers and Hammerstein of Broadway musical fame, we can say that “biopharma cold chain is bustin’ out all over” in 2016. The steady stream of openings of dedicated, temperature-controlled warehouses and intermediate storage areas for biopharma products […]

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When it Comes to Compliance, Learning Never Stops

Having the privilege to serve 
on the Alliance’s board affords me an enormous and gratifying experience, highlighted by the opportunity to participate in developing a new conference program each year. From the end of one year’s conference to the next, […]

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2016 Product Security Report

For the moment, let’s all breathe a sigh of relief that no major counterfeiting scandal has erupted in the US in the past couple years; although there are always underpublicized cases of drug diversions or the improper purchase of prescription […]

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Hub Services Special Report 2016

Market forces are driving pharma manufacturers and patients closer together—and now the pharma industry has a pathway with which to do this. The relationships are growing while pharma contends with regulatory constraints and the competing desires

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