PBM hostility to independent pharmacies and small wholesalers

Secondary wholesalers (aka “independent” wholesalers) play a 
unique part of the pharmaceutical distribution business. Although, little loved by the largest manufacturers and wholesalers, their existence is entirely legal—and valuable to the overall healthcare system. These wholesalers function by arbitraging pricing […]

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Hey, what’s this supply chain stuff?

Call it an example of unintended consequences: When Pharmaceutical Commerce began publication in 2005, supply chain issues were relatively unrecognized, and poorly reported. Now, a just-released study sponsored by PhRMA, the industry’s trade association, is entitled The Pharmaceutical Supply Chain: […]

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Commercial IT moves to the cloud

We are in the golden age of life sciences. If 2016 is any indication, the industry will continue to push new frontiers in scientific breakthroughs. Profound innovations are occurring in the business/commercial face of the industry as well, especially in […]

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Consultant pharmacists and long-term care 101

Pharmaceutical manufacturers are well-versed in the post-acute care industry. However, a niche role that often goes unnoticed is that of a consultant pharmacist, who contracts with post-acute care providers to deliver expert guidance on the safe, effective and appropriate use […]

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The medical crisis that didn’t happen

Remember Hurricane Katrina? Remember the Louisiana Superdome, and the thousands of people looking for food and relief, and the dire issue of getting needed medicines to patients? Now, today, you didn’t hear about unmet medical needs like that as floods […]

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