The medical crisis that didn’t happen

Remember Hurricane Katrina? Remember the Louisiana Superdome, and the thousands of people looking for food and relief, and the dire issue of getting needed medicines to patients? Now, today, you didn’t hear about unmet medical needs like that as floods […]

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Pharma traceability: year in review

2017 is going to be a busy year for traceability initiatives in the US and abroad, as manufacturers and packagers get more experience under their belts in installing the necessary serialization equipment, and wholesalers and other trading partners are making […]

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Pharma seeks growth in eyecare

Relative to other disease states, like cancer, diabetes or cardiovascular, ophthalmology is both smaller and less contentious. A relatively small number of pharma companies have significant franchises in it, namely, Allergan, Alcon (a subsidiary of Novartis) and Bausch + Lomb […]

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