Use a tear strip to guard against product tampering

With the value of new pharmaceuticals, especially biologics delivered in vials, skyrocketing, the temptation for criminals to counterfeit those products also rises. To address one avenue of counterfeiting—reusing vials and other containers with intact labels—Schreiner MediPharm (Blauvert, NY) has redesigned […]

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A 30% capacity expansion at Sharp Packaging

Saying that its Allentown, PA campus has been expanded three times since 2014, Sharp Packaging has now added 112,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing and storage space, while moving several packaging lines to consolidate temperature-controlled biologics packaging in one building, and […]

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In the track-and-trace trenches

By all counts, the global pharma traceability initiative—driven by the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) in the US, and the Falsified Medicines Directive in Europe—is moving ahead, with equipment and software contracts being placed, and project managers getting to […]

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