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Cegedim Whitepaper

Specialty Solutions 3PL Services

One of the most critical, yet often overlooked, aspects of product success is safe, successful distribution. And for a growing number of pharmaceuticals and biologics, that involves refrigerated, or cold chain, distribution. A problem with your cold chain can quickly become a problem with your bottom line.


Cegedim Whitepaper

Tackling Track-and-Trace

The purpose of track-and-trace regulation in the pharmaceutical industry is to stem the flow of illegal and dangerous counterfeit medicines. This whitepaper will summarize the key regulations in play on both continents and suggest a compliance solution based on a combined process and technology approach to track-and-trace. Download Today to Tackle Track-and-Trace!


Cegedim Whitepaper

Sustainability in Biopharma
Cold Chain Logistics

Sustainability is essential for corporations in the life sciences industry, as it has a direct impact on many practices. Learn more about the environmental advantages of reusable versus single-use shippers for pharmaceutical payloads. Download the white paper now!

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