Innovation award goes to Mem-O-Ring, a pill-bottle attachment
    The annual competition, conducted by the Healthcare Compliance Packaging Council (HCPC; Reston, VA), is intended to highlight the role compliance (unit-dose) packaging plays in helping patients stay on therapy, helping healthcare providers improve outcomes, and helping the pharma industry better its value to all parts of healthcare. This year's award, announced at HCPC's annual RxAdherence conference (April 8) is Brisdelle (paroxetine), introduced last November by Noven Therapeutics (Miami) as a treatment for vasomotor symptoms associated with menopause. The competition is based
    Mexico, Brazil and Chile will see new or expanded healthcare logistics capability
    Fast-tracked product is acclaimed by FDA as well as its developer, Kaleo
    On a not-serious level, one can ask, "Why didn't I think of that?" But on another, much more serious level, there's news from FDA and Kaleo (Richmond, VA) that could lead--very quickly--to saving lives and providing some good news in the generally grim topic of opioid abuse. On Apr. 3, FDA announced approval of a new drug-device combination, Kaleo's Evzio auto-injector, to provide treatment of patients in an opioid-overdose emergency. Somewhat like an epinephrine autoinjector (a product that Kaleo also developed--marketed by Sanofi-Aventis--as the Auvi-Q autoinjector), a family member, emergency medical technician
    Pharmaceutical Commerce's latest report finds continued growth in these specialized logistics services
    The 5th edition of the Biopharma Cold Chain Sourcebook analyzes economic, regulatory and technological trends in a vital part of today's industry: the shipment of temperature-controlled products. The just-published report calculates that current (2014) expenditures for commercial shipments will be $8.36 billion, rising to $10.28 billion in 2018. By comparison, last year's Sourcebook estimated the 2013 cold-chain business to be $7.5 billion, rising
    Pharma companies assess their ongoing reporting capabilities
    The midnight oil is burning at many pharma companies as they make their final preparations for submitting aggregate-spending data to CMS by March 31, a requirement under the Physicians Sunshine Act. Recent reporting indicates that the Sunshine Act has already had an impact on physicians' acceptance of speaker fees; now, Cegedim Relationship Management (Bedminster, NJ) is reporting that 64% of surveyed physicians say that the law will have an effect on their interactions
    Expanded cold-chain storage, more office space is driven by 40% business growth
    BDI Pharma says that it has tripled its cold-storage capacity with a new refrigeration unit, thereby tripling its cold-storage capacity. The company has also opened additional office space in the Columbia, SC industrial park where it is headquartered. "The addition of new cold space was vital for the continued growth of the company and further indicates a strong commitment from ownership to continue investing in the rapid growth of BDI Pharma," said Manuel Martinez, VP of operations
    Company also announces a 10-year agreement with
    Veeva (Pleasanton, CA) started as a conventional (if cloud-based) salesforce-automation (SFA) tool, but in the past couple years has expanded its capabilities to include storage and sharing of promotional documents, laboratory filings, master-data management and regulated email. Now it is adding multichannel communications--with an emphasis on mobile--to its slate of offerings. The new service, called Engage, enables pharma sales reps to communicate with physicians via interactive voice or email. In effect, Veeva
    Researchers suggest that the surge in analysis of large data sets may have limitations for understanding healthcare patterns
    The man-in-the-street impression about Big Data and social-media data gathering is that new digital-data-based companies (Google, Facebook et al.) can scoop up massive amounts of trend data and report them, both quickly and precisely, while running rings around "traditional" (i.e., not new-media) polling and surveying sources. But a just-published paper in Science shoots some significant holes in this belief, and serves as something of a cautionary tale about the limits and risks of new-media, big-data analytics. In the paper, The Parable of Google Flu: Traps in Big Data Analysis
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Enhanced reuse could be possible with ProEnvision system
Pharmaceutical Commerce sat down with Bill Hook, VP, Global Strategy – Healthcare Logistics, who is now taking on a role as senior advisor to the business unit, and John Menna, the new VP, Global Strategy – Healthcare Logistics, incoming leader for the group, to discuss the place of logistics in today’s life sciences industry. Here’s what they had to say.
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Competitive forces sharpen as manufacturers look for the right channel partners  continued >
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2014 HUB Services Report
Competitive forces sharpen as manufacturers look for the right channel partners
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